How to open WhatsApp group

How to open WhatsApp group

Today I will teach you how you can easily open WhatsApp group step by step. Many of us may not know how to open WhatsApp group. & How to create Whatsapp Group Link
How to open WhatsApp group

Today we will show you how to do it through this report. Today we will show you how to create a link by opening WhatsApp group. group invite link. Create Study Whatsapp Group Link
Nowadays it is very important to have a WhatsApp group because there are many opinions in this WhatsApp group from many people.
Just as there are some good opinions, there are also some bad ones. All in all, you will get information from this WhatsApp group. Create Whatsapp Group and Start Group Chat.

How Many People add in One Whatsapp Group

You can add 257 people to the WhatsApp group since you are opening this WhatsApp group, you will be the admin.
If you want, you can do a lot of admin. We will also show you here how to make someone else an admin. For that, you must join our group. All group links are given in our previous pages. Click here To See All Group.

How To Open Whatsapp Group Step by Step

To open the WhatsApp group, you need to go to everyone's Fast Play Store and download WhatsApp. Once downloaded, install and register with your permanent mobile number.
Once registered, OTP will come to your phone Number and open WhatsApp using that key.
How to open WhatsApp group

This time after opening WhatsApp, you will see at the top there will be 3 dots. Click on Widget and you will see that there is an option called New Group, you will click on that group.
How to open WhatsApp groupHow to open WhatsApp group

As soon as you click, fast will come in front of you If you give the name of your group, you will give that name, and below you will add who you want to add to that group in your Contacts list. This is how you create a group.

How to Add Admin

After creating a WhatsApp group, if you want someone else to be the admin, click on the WhatsApp group you have and come down a little.
How to open WhatsApp group LinkHow to open WhatsApp group link

Click here. Click on them and then click on OK and they will become the admin of your group. you can also add or remove a group admin
Then click on the process group icon to see how you can create a link to your group and come to the bottom. You can actually see the link below. Invited to group via link.
How to open WhatsApp group Link

You can send directly through WhatsApp. So this way you can create a WhatsApp group and share its link, you can change its admin.
I hope you will find this report very useful, so please share this report. Thank you.
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